Status Effects

Berserk: Inflicted by a variety of non-magical abilities (such as taunts and alchemical items), a berserked character is sent into a frothing rage. While under this status effect, they cannot use magic, think clearly, perform acts of dexterity like picking locks, or really do much at all but attack aggressively. Individuals afflicted may even forget to defend themselves, so focused on dealing immediate damage. Berserk goes away when the afflicted has a chance to calm down, usually after there's no enemies left to charge.

Frog: The individual is transformed into a frog. There are many different types of transformation, some beneficial and others less so, but none seem as common as Frog status. The target maintains all of their mental functions--memory, emotions, etc.--however, their physical attributes become limited by... well, being a frog. Though amphibians with special properties and powers exist (such as tingly toads), this frog is a pretty inextraordinary.

Paralysis: Often associated with electrical attacks, there's numerous chemicals and creatures that can cause this, as well. A paralyzed character cannot move--they cannot attack, they cannot cast spells, they cannot walk from where they are. They can do nothing but speak, and even that requires some effort. Paralysis never lasts very long, though how long varies seemingly at random--it could be only a few seconds, or it could be around a minute.

Poison: The target is affected by a toxin, venom, or other hazard that deals damage over time. The victim will steadily take damage as seconds tick by, dying an inch at a time. Poison is slow but consistent--it ignores armor, magical barriers, and other defenses. Being exceptionally hardy means there's more to go through, but poison will eventually catch up with anyone. Poison can be cured by various items and spells, or by a good night's rest (if the afflicted can survive one).

Regen: An undeniably beneficial status effect, regen causes a character to slowly recover HP over time. Health returns, wounds heal, and injuries mend, albeit slowly and steadily instead of all at once (like with most healing effects). Regen typically heals about as quickly as poison can damage--however, regen status is (usually) temporary, and the healing stops after a period of time. Some creatures have a natural regen effect, and some equipment can provide more permanent regen status.

Silence: A poorly understood status effect, mostly due to its effect--though it doesn't help that few wild monsters seem to inflict it naturally. A silenced target cannot utilize supernatural or special abilities; this includes magic, miracles, and even a warrior's named attacks. Many a scholar is still studying what abilities are all locked by silence status, and how one affliction can carry such weight. Silence does not go away on its own; only a full night's rest somewhere comfortable, or certain items and spells can remove silence. As its name implies, it also prevents its victims from speaking.

Sleep: The target falls into a very deep slumber. Even the sounds of combat won't wake up the afflicted--a person induced to sleep status can only be shaken up by sufficient physical force, though even a light slap is usually sufficient. Uninterrupted, a sleeping target can sometimes continue to sleep for a full eight hours. Some people use sleep spells or potions just for the sake of sleeping better.