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Lv. 5 Human Enchanter

Weapon: Wind Wand
Shield: Sailing Shield
Armor: Pirate Clothes
Accessory: Bandit Bandana

Je Ne Sais Quoi: Old Elven phrase for something that eludes description. You're very charming. Always on.

Reinforce: Makes a breakable object less breakable. Used habitually (automatically) on potion bottles. Inspired by the innkeeper girl in Peace Calling.

Deinforce: The opposite of Reinforce. Makes an object more fragile and easier to break. Inspired by the guard of your jail cell.

Identify: Touch an object or a potion bottle to see if it's magical and if so, what kind of magic it is. Inspired by the overnight alchemist in Humblestart.

Poison: One living, organic creature you touch begins to take poison damage over time. Inspired by the witch of the woods.

Return: After several seconds, teleport yourself and others to any town you've previously visited. Inspired by a cleric of the One Holy Goddess.

Abundance: Causes a touched target to produce more, instantly, with various limitations. Inspired by a girl at Outwall Ranch.


Lv. 7 Minitaur Warrior

Weapon: Grandpa's Anchor+
Armor: Cattlegear
Accessory: None

Bull Strength: As a minitaur, Valley has immense physical strength and resilience.

Earthbreaker: A stomp that results in a conal wave of earthen debris, blinding dust and sheer force. Works poorly on sturdier floors. Copied from an Orc Brigand at Outwall Ranch.

Healing Milk: Female minitaurs lactate for a variety of reasons--eating sweets, falling in love, etc. A gift bestowed them by the archmage Wargog, Valley's milk restores health and heals damage when drank.

Sand Shark: Valley dives into solid earth, tunneling a short distance before exploding out of the ground elsewhere. May be easier on weaker floors or natural ground. Originally developed by your grandfather.

Lv. 6 Goblin Engineer

Weapon: Bubble Sprayer
Armor: The Goblobster
Accessory: None

Mecha Pilot: Though he's a goblin, Inzo knows how to pilot mecha that give him increased strength, size, and durability.

Gob Lob: Inzo keeps a pretty good stock of explodey gob juice. He sometimes forget to use it, though.

Air Filter: Inzo's mech has built-in fans that ward off airborne hazards, such as vapors, fumes, and smoke. Built in the Witch's Woods.

Lv. 12 Human Witch

Weapon: None
Armor: Fashionable Pants
Accessory: Billowing Cloak

Treant Needle: Lagrand conjures a wooden spear, which hurls itself at a foe. Weak, but many can be conjured at once with little cost to Lagrand.

Brambling Hand: Lagrand transmutes his arm into thorny brambles. Can be used to extend his reach, act as a whip, or simply to entangle opponents.

Detox: An enchantment spell that removes Poison status from a touched ally, or purifies a poisoned food or drink.

Floral Facade: Lagrand creates the illusion that he is a tree, bush, or other appropriate local flora. Only works as long as Lagrand doesn't move.

Lv. 5 Human Alchemist

Weapon: Pyrespewer
Armor: Alchemist Apron
Accessory: None

Identify+: Ranse can identify magic potions, objects, and phenomena by touch, smell, sound, and sometimes taste. Her ability to identify is advanced, and can usually be done from a distance.

Health Concoction: Ranse can create recovery items in the field, even in battle. Because these are made on the fly and with so few materials, they don't last long enough to stock up on--however, they're almost as effective as actual Health Potions.

Burn Resist Concoction: Provides the affected with resistance to acid, fire, and other burn sources. Though most effective if applied directly to a site, they can also be drank for lesser, full-body burn defense.

Lv. 5 Human Cleric

Weapon: Mining Sledge
Shield: Wooden Shield
Armor: Cleric Habit
Accessory: Ring of Awakening

Healing Hands: With a touch, Justice heals some damage that's been done to an ally.

Status Martyr: Takes a status effect from someone else, instead giving it to herself.

Tongues: A passive blessing, Justice can speak and read all languages (but not the languages of monsters).

Psalm of the Seaway Servant+: A lengthy prayer in song form that manifests a medium holy water elemental. The elemental follows Justice's commands, and lasts until destroyed or dismissed. Learned in Nast's grandpa's tomb, and upgraded once by the golden fish o' wishes.

Emerald Scholar
Lv. 4 King Slime

Weapon: None
Shield: Wooden Shield
Armor: Purple Robe
Accessory: Belt of the Brawler

Slime Body: King Slime's body is malleable, to an extent. With focus she can change the density, hardness, size, and basic shape of individual parts.

Acid Touch: King Slime can force a sample of her caustic chemical insides out through her surface, granting herself a touch of burning acid.

Para Touch: King Slime can choose to produce a paralyzing agent, instead of just acid--giving her a touch that inflicts Paralysis status.

Consentacles: Having studied descriptions of tentacle creatures, King Slime can elongate and multiply her arms into strong tentacles for both combat and decidedly non-combat purposes. Learned from Ranse's erotic literature.