Items - Materials


Acid Enzyme: Acidic chemical derived from a variety of monsters, usually used to break down food or attack prey. Though many creatures have this, all the creatures that do are fairly dangerous (as they secrete acid). Can be used for all sorts of things one may want acid for. Sells for 30g.

Animal Fur: Though not all that useful for alchemical purposes--lacking any tangible magic or special properties--animal fur is nonetheless valued as a basic component for making clothing. Hats, shirts, capes--all the strange effects in the world mean little if you have nothing to slap them on. Sells for about 10g.

Crab Claw: The claw of a monstrous crab. Surprisingly light for how durable the surface is, claws like this are popular in the making of swords and other weapons. Skilled hands may even bring secondary properties out of the finished product. Sells for about 15g.

Crab Plate: Though not as strong as metal, crab plating is far more accessable and easier to work with for those living on the coast. When laid properly it's water tight, as well as resilient to the rare water-based attack. Sells for about 5g.

Iron: One of the most rudimentary and easily mined materials in the kingdom, iron is used in a vast majority of weapons, armor, and construction materials. Basic iron is so common that a single chunk of it hardly sells for anything at all, though it can still be used for a great deal by crafty adventurers.

Irregular Foliage: Stretchy but sturdy vines, sharp leaves and thorns, and/or dangerous flowers. Irregular foliage is fairly diverse and can be fashioned into natural attire, weapons like bows or whips, or used in the construction of wooden mecha. Some like to use irregular foliage for making herbal tea or other concoctions, as well. Sells for about 15g.

Mandragora Seed: A seed that if planted, as you might expect, will quickly grow into a mandragora. Because mandragora themselves are small, it's hard to get useful parts out of them; their seeds are often the only thing to drop from them intact. Mandragora seeds are often used to make items that involve sound or sonic-based attacks, including silence status. Sells for about 30g.

Monking Tail: A mostly whole tail, severed from a mighty monking. Can be used in strong (or large quantity) potions and equipment that involve transformation and size changing, or just sheer primal, bestial rage. Due to its potency and how difficult it is to acquire, a monking tail sells for about 200g.

Mushroom Chunk: A piece removed from a massive fungus, originally grown on the back of a colossapillar. This mushroom has intense size-altering properties, able to be mixed into alchemical growth potions and other recipes. Sells for about 15g.

Paralyzer: A potent paralytic chemical, used as a self defense mechanism by many monsters. The same properties make it great for building dungeon traps, alchemical weapons, or even concocting a defense against Paralysis status. Usually sells for 20g.

Piece of Coffin: Wood carved out of an old, heavily enchanted coffin. There's still a faint amount of magic on it--spells dedicated to preservation and maintenance. As a fairly unique item it has no real market value, but it definitely has potential as an alchemical ingredient.

Pile of Bones: The leftover bones from... something. Human, animal, for the most part it doesn't matter--bones are bones, unless you're dealing with some truly powerful creatures. Bones definitely have their uses, such as in necromantic spell components or really intimidating armor... but good luck finding someone to buy your excess supplies.

Pile of Stones: A big stack of sturdy rocks of various shapes and sizes. Stone is always useful as a building material, as even before magical reinforcement it's strong and resilient. Everything from golems to mech suits to weapons, buildings, and furniture can be chiseled out of solid rock, though a good set of mason's tools definitely makes the process easier.

Pyre Ant Parts: The remains of a fire-breathing pyre ant, including burn-resistant chitin, bug antennae, and the mechanisms by which they spew their pyre. A lot can be crafted from the parts of this one creature, including chem throwers and mecha plating. Pyre ant parts sell for about 25g apiece.

Sharp Coral: A small chunk of jagged coral, sharpened further to have a serrated edge. Coral weapons, forged well, can be extremely versatile--their natural water element makes them effective against fire- and stone-based creatures. Further, coral is good at holding an electrical charge; some of the best weapons for fighting aquatic creatures come, oddly, from beneath the sea. Sells for about 20g.

Stone Heart: The faintly pulsing core of a wild rock golem, formed in an area of high magic concentration. Because the conditions for such an object forming are so specific, and because the item is so fragile (at least compared to the surrounding monster), stone hearts are considered very rare. Sells for 500g.

Weird Eye: The suspicious eye of an odd monster. Though any power this eye previously had may be gone, it still contains faint traces of unusual magic. Sells for about 25g.