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Reusable / Important Items

Arcane Lore, Vol. I
Archmage History
Baby Cockadoo
Fishing Bait and Rod
Mason's Toolset
Monster Crown
Phantom Candle x 5
Reinforced Vines

Limited / Expendable Items

Bottle of Rum x 4
Burn Resist Potion
Cleanse Potion x 3
Cold Resist Potion
Cooked Meat x 2
Disguise Potion
Frog Potion
Health Potion x 2
Holy Water
Poisoned Meat
Shrinking Potion
Sneaking Potion
Stamina Potion

Extra / Unused Equipment

Berserker Drug
Bone Trident
Broken Injector
Bunny Outfit
Dirty Jacket
Goblin Knife
Inzo's Pyre Plated Invention
Old Iron Sword x 2
Peasant Attire
Scaling Knife
Skull Helm
Staff of Masons
Stone Gauntlets
Stone Tallshield x 2
Stone Zwei+
Wooden Bow x 2
Wooden Shield x 2
Yellow Enchantery

Keys / Cards

Membership Card (Thieves Guild)
Outwall Inn Room Key

Materials / Catches

Acid Enzyme x 2
Animal Fur x 6
Iron x 4
Monking Tail
Mushroom Chunk
Paralyzer x 3
Piece of Coffin
Pile of Bones x 8
Pile of Stones x 2
Sharp Coral
Sticky Salmon
Stone Heart
Troll Faced Tuna
Unimpressive Trout x 3
Weird Eye x 2