Equipment - Mecha


Goblobster: A mecha made almost entirely of crab parts. Its physical attacks aren't that impressive, but it's equipped with an exploding bubble launcher for mid-range combat. Able to alter its buoyancy, the Goblobster can work as both as a boat AND a submersible--though, it's not designed for handling much in the way of choppy waters or deep ocean pressure.

Inzo's Invention: An astounding feat of goblin ingenuity, this lever-controlled mech is built from low quality wood and common vines. Despite this, its wooden fists strike with a force that rivals any conventional fighter. Built by Inzo, even while dealing with the distractions of normal goblin society.

Inzo's Pyre Plated Invention: Inzo's original wooden mech, modified to feature pyre ant-based plating. While it's still mostly made of wood, the mech is now incredibly resistant to fire. Pincers strapped to one of the hands also add a little piercing damage to go with all that blunt force.