Equipment - Cloth

Cloth Armor

Bunny Outfit: Though it may not look like much in terms of armor, this costume has several potent enchantments on it. It increases the wearer's luck, it allows the wearer to use the attack Rabbit Kick, and the outfit changes automatically to account for different sizes and genders.

Cleric Habit: Traditional garb worn by worshippers of the One Holy Goddess. One might think the high heels and thigh length stockings would inspire impure thoughts, and one would be completely right. Bit of an oversight there.

Dirty Jacket: An alchemist's jacket and dangerously short skirt. Despite being highly stain resistant, the wearer somehow managed to get stains on both. They're probably stains from potions or... I don't know, other alchemical materials. Probably. Hopefully.

Fashionable Pants: There's really nothing that exciting about the pants themselves. They just... fit, uncomfortably tight, in just the right places. You have to have some confidence in what you're packing to bust these babies out in public.

Peasant Attire: Just normal clothes worn by normal citizens of the kingdom. Nope. Definitely no adventurers here. Certainly not any enchanters.

Purple Robe: The look suggests a spellcaster, but any mage worth their salt will fail to identify what kind. It's a decent homemade attempt for an amateur, but would get you laughed out of any arcane library.

Yellow Enchantery: The standard robe stylings of enchantment school spellcasters. Mages, knowing full well their attire provides no real defensive measures, instead choose to make their robes as comfortable as humanly possible.