Equipment - Accessories


Bandit Bandana: A bandana, saturated with the sweat of a thousand bandits. Anyone wearing this can use the steal ability, normally reserved for the likes of the thief class. Steal grabs a random item from the target's inventory, and can often snatch items from monsters they wouldn't normally drop on defeat.

Belt of the Brawler: This bulky but perpetually shiny belt is imbued with manly fighting spirit. The wearer gains proficiency in unarmed fighting and fist weapons while sporting the belt. Engraved in the surface, in dwarven runes, is an ancient proverb: "if thou seeketh some, come receive some."

Billowing Cloak: Lagrand's cape. Very old, despite only looking a little faded. Permanently enchanted to billow dramatically when willed. Seriously, that's all it does.

Ring of Awakening: A fairly common but nonetheless popular accessory, as it prevents sleep--both magical and mundane. Town guards often purchase these, as do people that work exceptionally boring jobs... as do adventurers, who frequently have to deal with sleep-inducing spells and attacks. Though they can be bought on the cheap, it doesn't make them any less valuable.

Skull Helm: The skull of some unknown creature, large enough to be worn as a helmet by regular people. Aside from probably freaking out good and proper citizens, wearing this helmet convinces simpler undead that you are among their ranks. Skeletons, zombies and the like will not attack the wearer, believing that they, too, are undead.