Comic 82 - Stay for the night

18th May 2018, 9:56 PM in Humble Beginnings at Humblestart
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Stay for the night
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Morgenstern 18th May 2018, 9:56 PM edit delete
You're fairly torn on the subject of riding birds. On the one hand, transportation could be handy. If you bought one bird and then raised others, you could save yourself a lot of money... but then you'd be stuck raising birds. If you really wanted to commit, you could technically just buy an egg and hatch it to begin your great chicken breeding empire.

On the other hand, this all costs money, money you have in short supply. You're also not really sure how much of a commitment raising huge chickens is.

You ask the rancher about raising a riding bird.

"Oh, it's awful easy," he says. "They eat whatever bugs an' plants they can find, they ain't real picky. Even monster bugs an' flowers an' stuff, they'll eat 'em like it's no big deal. Baby bird'll just... poof, transform into an adult one day. I heard if ya keep 'em on a strict diet, feed 'em special stuff, you'll get better birds... but I ain't much fer fightin' monsters and I don't got the cash fer buyin' special feed."

You decide to take the night and think about it. It's not like you're in any kind of hurry on the subject of buying birds.

"Well," says the rancher, "least I can do's give ya a place to stay fer th'night. I'd feel bad if'n ya turned 'round and decided ya don't want a bird after all, and then I didn't reward ya with nothin'."

He gives you the key to the inn room out back.

You, Valley, and Ranse head that way. Entering the room, you discover it has the same... rustic charm that the rest of the ranch has. You also face the familiar problem of only having two beds.

Ranse takes one, with you and Valley taking the other. The beds are made for one person each--human-sized people, at that--so the sleeping space is... limited. To put it nicely.

As Valley starts taking her armor off, though, you figure you'll get over it.

Ranse takes off her jacket, but seems to sleep in pretty much everything else. You're not if that's normal for her, or if she's just not comfortable with your party yet. Either way, you and and a very naked Valley end up cramming into the same bed.

Valley lays back, looking up at the ceiling. "It's, like... totally weird. I didn't think I'd be sleeping at a ranch again?"

Ranse sits up a little in her bed, briefly hazarding a glance back at you two. "Did. You... growupinoneofthese?"

Valley turns over to look at Ranse, sliding up in bed a bit to look past you. This, of course, puts Valley's big, bare breasts squarely at your face. As tight as the confines are, her huge tits are pretty much pressed right at your mouth.

"Well," Valley replies, as if she's not about to smother you with her massive tits, "mine was nicer? But... yeah, basically. My mom's like, a dairy girl? Nooo clue who my dad is. Minitaur women always have more minitaurs, so like... my dad could be an elf, a human..." she giggles, just a little. "A monster, I guess? I dunno."

Valley runs a hand through your hair. She's starting to make a habit of it, so you know what's coming--with a gentle tug, she pulls your face more firmly into her big, soft tits. You open your mouth and begin to suck at nipple, feeling it stiffen in your mouth. Your other hand reaches for the opposite breast, beginning to knead and massage at its supple surface.

"M-makes... sense," Ranse states quietly. "Wargog... m-made you. Your people. To be an army. I would... b-bet the men are, the same way. Fucking... everything, making more minitaurs."

"Yeah," Valley replies. "Like, I think so? Though, smaller people giving birth to like..." She pauses, your thumb brushing across her other nipple eliciting the smallest gasp, "a m-minitaur would be bogus."

You glance up at her, asking silently if she wants you to stop. Valley smiles wide, and continues to stroke the back of your head. You keep going.

"Wh... what made you want," Ranse swallows roughly, taking a breath, "to do this? Be... a warrior."

The tip of your tongue drags a very soft groan from Valley. She grins wider, but tries to stifle it. "I dunno. Like... I guess seeing all the adventurers and junk come through? They always had like, stories and treasure and stuff. The ranch was like... totally busy, like all the time. Everything outside looked waaay more exciting. Sleeping and eating all day sounds fun? Like, don't get me wrong, I do totally love eating and sleeping. And fucking. I'm like... crazy horny, all the time? But I want stories. There's no stories on a ranch."

Valley squirms a bit, her bare body rubbing against you--your swollen cock brushing across her thick thigh. She grunts, gently, but her hand on the back of your head encourages you to keep at it. "Not gonna lie, I'm like... kinda surprised? I totally didn't peg you as someone that would like, care about all this stuff, Ranse."

Ranse hesitates, breathing in deep. "I. I... do, a little. If... we'rebeinghonest. Though. I... mostly just. W-wanted. To drag this out. This... whole thing. It's... k-kinda hot."

Valley's grin reignites. "You totally like to watch, don't you?"

You don't hear a response from Ranse, but you assume she's nodding.

Valley takes a better hold of you... and rolls onto her back, bringing you on top of her. You really don't need an excuse.

Pushing yourself up a bit, you press the head of your cock between Valley's legs. She's already wet--incredibly so--and the wild look in her eyes makes it hard to keep her waiting. You thrust into her, deep, hard. Her hips buck firmly, her back arching, her large hands gripping at the sheets. She moans out loud, but almost sounds relieved to have you inside her again.

You remember the last couple of times. She's every bit as sturdy as she appears, and you throw caution to the wind. Your pace is rapid and strong, each thrust plunging your sizeable cock deep into Valley's body. She appreciates it every single time, gasping, crying out, her powerful thighs squeezing at your hips. Her eyes roll upward, her gigantic breasts shaking roughly into and off of each other as you rock her.

And the bed. The wood creaks beneath the two of you, your combined weight and the force of your fucking testing its limits. It doesn't stop you, it can't even hope to slow you down--you slam into Valley, again and again, each moan from her soft lips getting louder and higher in pitch.

You're pretty confident Ranse is watching, just like she did with you and Lagrand. You can't even manage a glance her way, though--you can't take your eyes off of Valley, her huge bouncing tits and the pure ecstasy across her face. She reaches upward, gripping tightly at the headboard, her voice echoing off the walls as she desperately shouts your name.

Your orgasm takes you by surprise. Valley feels the first blast of thick, hot cum erupt inside her, and her legs tighten around you--her calves locking at the small of your back, bringing you in firmly, keeping you buried inside as you unload stream after stream of semen.

As you finish cumming, you collapse on top of her. You're sweating, fighting for air. She kisses you sweetly, one hand gently petting your hair. She doesn't feel half as exhausted as you are--her soft skin only faintly glistening. Her perfect breasts rise and fall heavily, but not as rapidly as your own breathing.

You take a moment to recover before pulling yourself off of her, hoping to clean up a bit. You actually stumble somewhat as you stand, made weak in the knees for a second.

In the glow of the moment, you actually fail to notice Ranse moving from her own bed.

She forces herself to stare straight at Valley. Their eyes meet... and Valley grins. She motions with one hand, a suggestive 'go on' of sorts, though neither says a word.

You step out of the way... and Ranse climbs onto the foot of the bed, where Valley still lays.

Like you, she wastes little time. She only pauses long enough to take her glasses off, and hand them to you.


Ranse buries her face between Valley's thighs. Your view is obscured, but it's not hard to follow the action--Valley retakes her dominant grip of the headboard, a very intense moan pushing its way from her throat. Ranse stuffs her tongue into Valley eagerly and furiously, almost...


Of course.

Ranse isn't really eating out Valley on principle. You just finished blowing a load inside Valley... and Ranse is now fighting to lap your seed back into her mouth.

Valley, however, doesn't seem like she'd mind the distinction. She thrashes, squirming, fat tits bouncing with authority as she struggles just to contain herself. Whatever Ranse is doing down there, it works, and it works well. Valley only releases the headboard long enough to hold onto the back of Ranse's head... and even then, only with one hand.

"Fuck! Please, Ranse, don't... don't stop...! I'm almost...!"

Ranse's pale hands squeeze at Valley's thighs. She adjusts how she lays on the bed, her short skirt hiking up even further, thin panties almost vanishing between plump ass cheeks. Valley's head tips back, her jaw agape as she takes a harsh handful of Ranse's unkempt hair. You're not sure Ranse could withdraw now if she wanted to, but she keeps tonguing Valley's insides regardless.

Valley's moans slowly start to drag together, small ones easing into louder, more pronounced ones, until it's all a solid chorus of borderline screaming.

And then... it suddenly stops. Valley chokes on a gasp, her eyes wide. For a moment she forgets how to breathe. You can see her muscles tightening... and then releasing. Valley falls back on the bed, her grip on Ranse's hair relinquishing, a much softer and contended groan spilling from her mouth.

Ranse pulls herself up from the bed. She licks at her lips, one hand tugging stray hair from her face. Her other hand holds out, palm up... and you promptly return her glasses.

Ranse says absolutely nothing, just turning and wandering back to her bed. On the way there, her fingertips work to dig her underwear out of her tight ass crack, and smooth her skirt back out.

Valley doesn't say anything either, but doesn't seem like she can. She stares at the ceiling, still heaving, hands sometimes toying idly with the sheets.

Once you recover from the shock and remember where you are, you clean up as best you can and rejoin Valley in bed. You lay atop her, head nestled in her ample cleavage--there's only one pillow for your bed, anyway, so you might as well sleep on her boobs. Valley plays with your hair, slowly lulling you to sleep... but before you do finally pass out, she mutters something.

"We should like... try to combine our stuff? Y'know, like... you do the twisty air thing, and Ranse can shoot fire in it. Or like... I could stomp rocks into the wind dealie. Not like, at the same time obvs... but we could totally make, like, an earth tornado or a fire tornado, or some junk. I dunno. I just thought about it?"

You sleep extremely well, and wake the following morning.


Cloudy 18th May 2018, 11:51 PM edit delete reply
1: holy fuck
2: Ranse. Damn.
3: comfy pillows ^-^
4: I skipped three
5: why’d you check that was clearly the forth line
Anyways, so
When we get inspired, new spell
When Valley gets inspired... battle tactic?
That’s kinda cool o:
Guest 19th May 2018, 4:49 AM edit delete reply
this is some sort of weird chrono trigger-like world, isn't it? parties of 3, dual-techs... the skill system is a bit different, though.
krylo 18th May 2018, 11:52 PM edit delete reply
Well apparently wizards aren't the only one 'inspired' by sex.

Also Ranse is apparently gifted at oral.

Anyway, I still say we don't bother buying a chicken and head toward the witch temple next on the way to town.
Cloudy 18th May 2018, 11:57 PM edit delete reply
I haven’t had the Chance to comment on the last few, busy day gardening and shit.
I think we should see if we could get a further discount on a chicken egg for a few reasons;
One can make many
We could try a strict diet and see what happens
I really really want to see you write a battle scene with a giant ass chicken someday
If we only want one; eat the eggs
If we let one grow up but not for battle,
A single chicken leg can feed most of the party...
I just really want to see how you write this, honestly. Like, I think it’d be cool to see what you do with our party+ chicken
Twyll 19th May 2018, 12:05 AM edit delete reply
Yeah, I think we should go ahead and get a baby chicken. We could have our non-active party members take care of it, maybe? Try feeding it a diet of monster parts-- I mean, it's not like we're gonna be lacking in monster parts, I bet, so it's hardly gonna be expensive.
Krylo 19th May 2018, 12:11 AM edit delete reply
But monster parts are used by Ranse to make sweet items. And possibly Inzo.
1977 19th May 2018, 3:11 AM edit delete reply
Even with looting there are for sure parts of the monster we can not use.
I doubt that we took the whole pyreants for example, just the parts needed for Ranse.
So there should be enough leftovers for food.
Szled 19th May 2018, 12:04 AM edit delete reply
A fire or an earth tornado? Fire ones look cool... Also vety dangerous, de sure to only use it in not wooded areas...
Sonico 19th May 2018, 12:08 AM edit delete reply
Looks like Valley haad a moment of inspiration right there at the end....
Nieki 19th May 2018, 12:13 AM edit delete reply
Aww, Ranse is getting used to us! And the company we keep. And we've learned a bit more about Valley, too--It's been an interesting night. We can't really keep pace with her alone, so having help is really nice. It sounds like she's gotten some Inspiration of her own.

I'm down for picking up an adult chicken, properly. Not only do we get an egg factory, but I'm sure there are non-transportational uses for such a big beast of burden. Can they pull wagons, for instance? It'd be a good addition to our tent, and amend our mobile base idea.

Also, it might be nice to have someone to feed the next set of Pyre ants to.
Ghest 19th May 2018, 2:09 AM edit delete reply
Combining fire with treant needle might be worth a shot, brambling hand would probably be a bad idea though. Maybe have Valley and Inzo synchronize their attacks for devastating physical force that's very difficult to defend against.
1977 19th May 2018, 2:46 AM edit delete reply
For now we should get 1 cockadoo, since the rancher feed for speed it can keep up with us.
The eggs should be used for breakfast for the time being.
Later we can look more into what food has which effect and can then hatch different breeds.
Guest 19th May 2018, 5:27 AM edit delete reply
I vote against investing in riding bird until we have more cash on hand.
Gallstone 19th May 2018, 7:57 AM edit delete reply
Guest 19th May 2018, 10:59 AM edit delete reply