Comic 59 - Ask about Archmage Neid

6th May 2018, 10:45 PM in Humble Beginnings at Humblestart
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Ask about Archmage Neid
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Morgenstern 6th May 2018, 10:45 PM edit delete
You cast Reinforce on Valley's stone zwei.

You ask Lagrand about Archmage Neid.

The faintest hint of a smirk slips across his face. He turns, taking a few steps toward the edge of the temple... and stares off at the stars.

"He was an archmage," Lagrand begins. "I could stop there, I'm sure. The archmages were all monsters that looked like men and thought themselves gods. The statues below us... those that resemble knights, like that one the fairies occupied. There are a handful of them scattered about these woods, and the bards and hunters of these parts... they tell a story about those stone soldiers."

A light breeze picks up, billowing Lagrand's cape as he looks over the woods. "A craftsman, devoted and loyal to Archmage Neid, began to work on those very same stone knights. He reasoned that giving Neid soldiers to animate would be easier than constructing new ones with magic, and more reliable than conscripting warriors from the public. This was a silly notion, of course--an archmage could manifest an army of ten thousand with a word and a thought, but nonetheless the craftsman labored. For years upon years, he slaved away on those stone soldiers.

When Neid heard of this... he was infuriated. The mere notion that the great and powerful Neid would even require an army was an affront for which the archmage would not stand. He slayed the old craftsman, and his entire family, that very night."

"Wooow," Valley remarks. "That's pretty bogus."

Inzo nods, adjusting his goggles. "Turn down free knights? Archmage crazy."

"There are many stories just like that one," Lagrand states. "The other archmages were much the same--arrogant. Quick to anger, and without sympathy. Ruthless and competitive. ...And all powerful. If not for the bravery of young heroes and the archmages' own excessive lust for power, we would still be under their heel."

Lagrand turns back to you, Valley, and Inzo.

"I'm surprised you're not familiar. This was only... oh, maybe 500 years ago, and Neid ruled over this very region."

You shake your head. You've heard the name tossed around, but you don't know anything about Neid... or much about archmages period, really.

"I know, like, Archmage Wargog?," Valley comments. "He was the guy that made minitaurs. Minitaurs were all Wargog's slaves until, like, heroes took him down. ...That was like, waaay before my time, though."

Lagrand nods, smiling slightly. "A shame that history has not been taught better. The archmages, both in rule and fall, shaped so much of the world. There's a lesson to be learned there about pride and power... and what a meager group of bold adventurers can accomplish."

You ask Lagrand to join you on a more permanent basis. He knows a lot, and you could use his help.

He smiles wider. "I must admit... your tale intrigues me. To see a goblin, a minitaur, and a human enchanter brought together over petty underwear theft... I believe this story has yet more to unfold. I do not wish to steal the spotlight from you, Nast, but my curiosity does pique. ...I wish to see where this road takes you."

Lagrand, Human Witch has joined your party!

Nast leveled up! Nast reached level 4. Learned history is pretty fucked up.

Valley leveled up! Valley reached level 6. Learned fairies wear tiny panties, normally.

Inzo leveled up! Inzo reached level 5. Learned that he should try not to go mad with power after he takes over the world.

As per the decree of the gods, your party may only contain three active members, including yourself. Guest members, familiars, summons and such do not count against that number, and you can have any number of people in reserve. You can switch from your active to your reserve party at any safe, friendly location (including towns and tents).

If you remember this number being four earlier, you are mistaken. It has always been three. It definitely was not quietly retconned when someone realized how cluttered a four-man party is. Absolutely not. Always, for certain, undeniably an active party of three members.

With that settled, you suggest taking your new body for a spin. You're a woman now, and uhhh... you feel like you could get some mileage out of that.

"Hmm," Valley ponders. "I dunno how I feel about the lady bits?"

"They're not my first choice," Lagrand replies with a smirk, "but I'm sure we can make do."

"Inzo not believe you people," remarks the goblin. "Much changes, still muches to do, moo-cow and humes think of sex."

"So you don't wanna test Nast's new boobs?," Valley asks with a giggle.

"No!," replies Inzo. "Inzo has work to do. Inzo not have time for BOOB TESTING!"

With a few lever pulls, Inzo and his mech storm off. That neatly deals with accommodating the party limit, at least.

"So..." Lagrand asks, doing his best to sound nonchalant about the whole thing, "where do we plan to perform this test drive?"

"Well," Valley starts... then stops to think. She shrugs her big shoulders. "We have, like, a tent?"

And thus, within minutes of leaving the temple, you set up your tent and commence with the... field tests. Right there in the middle of the woods.

It takes some negotiating to figure out how this is going to work. Valley's not really interested in your 'lady bits,' so you opt to eat her out. Finding a position where Lagrand can fuck you while you bury your face between Valley's legs is a challenge in itself, at least on the flat floor of your tent--the best solution seems to be for her to straddle your face while you lay down.

Given her size, weight, and the power of her thighs, she... promises to be careful.

Clothes come off quickly enough. Valley and Lagrand take turns kissing your now softer, poutier lips, and despite Valley's protests regarding a female partner... both Lagrand AND Valley seem to be in a hurry to feel up your tits.

While Valley's rough groping of your sensitive breasts may just be curiosity, Lagrand takes it a step further. He wraps his mouth around one of your stiff nipples and begins to suck at it--his hot, wet tongue pressing gently beneath it, the subtle friction a feeling like you've never had before.

You slide to your bare back without even realizing it. Lagrand abandons your tits long enough to finish taking your pants off. With him on his knees, you spread your legs, wrapping your thighs around his waist. Valley slowly, cautiously begins to mount your face; she doesn't bring her weight down, but rather, brings her wetness to hover just in front of your mouth.

You don't dive right in. You turn your head, as much as you can manage... and you kiss at her inner thigh. You work a trail upward, slowly, building... before lifting your head and shoving your tongue into her body. Valley gasps softly. You feel her weight shift, those supple thighs tightening just a little around your head.

You're not... actually too experienced at eating a woman out. At all. You've heard tips from other guys, though, and you do your best to follow through. You flick your tongue inside her, listening for the sound of her voice, waiting for the slight tensing of her body to tell you what works. You vary the motions of your tongue while figuring her out, and for the most part... she doesn't seem hard to please. She groans out loudly, round hips fighting not to buck too hard. Her hands squeeze at your breasts, thumbs teasing at your hard nipples.

Again, you become so absorbed in what's happening, you barely notice what else is going on. Lagrand says... something, but you don't catch it. You feel the head of his cock pressing between your legs. Not wanting to stop what you're doing to Valley, you... give a thumbs up.

He's gentle, and slow. It does little to restrain the feeling that washes over you. You've never had a vagina before... which means it's never been touched. You're not even remotely used to having it.

Your head falls back, something between a gasp and a moan forcing its way from your lips.

"You okay?," Valley asks. Lagrand stops, squeezing at your thighs with his hands. All you can do is nod before you bury your face in Valley again.

You feel every movement in incredible detail. Every time his length slides in, each time he drags it back out, you feel his thick cock dragging against your insides. Each time he pulls back, you ache for him to thrust into you again. Your jerk your hips, trying to take him harder. You expected pain, an uncomfortable level of tightness... but it seems the potion carried over some level of your experience.

You've just... never felt this before.


It's hard to stay focused on Valley. You lose yourself, reeling back, hard moans spilling from your mouth. She takes one of your hands and guides it to her clit; you comply, fingertips beginning to rub at it while you struggle to keep your tongue in her.

Seeing that you're taking things well, Lagrand steadily picks up his pace. His dick thrusts deeper, harder, his hips meeting you at a faster and faster pace. You can't get enough. While one hand continues to toy with Valley's clitoris, your other hand searches, desperately, just for something to hold onto. You squeeze at her thigh, you reach as much as you can to grope at her plump ass.

You feel something... building. A warmth, a pulsing sensation, something deep in your stomach. You feel your body tensing, your thighs shaking uncontrollably around Lagrand. And then...


You lose all track of everything, a pleasure like you've never had exploding throughout your body. You fall back, gasping, panting, crying out. Your toes curl, your eyes roll upward, your back arches. You forget where you are. You forget everything.

You collapse, fighting for air. You sense tingling first, and then the rest of the feeling steadily returns to your body.

You feel Lagrand kissing at your neck, and squeezing at your tits. You can hear Valley, panting much like you are, nearby. You can barely bring yourself to do anything but stare the ceiling of the tent.

You feel a strange sense of euphoria... a relaxation you're unfamiliar with. Lagrand collapses beside you and soon, Valley joins you, laying on your opposite side and hugging at your naked body.

Laying there with both of them, you listen to the sound of the woods... and you think about what Lagrand said. The symphony of nature, the feeling of the trees and flowers. You feel inspired.

You learn the spell Poison.


"So, like..." Valley finally breaks the silence. She lifts up a little to look at Lagrand. "Did you cum? Should we totally be worried about how pregnancy's gonna work with this potion?"

Lagrand smiles lightly, shutting his eyes. "Never a concern. Mages... cannot have children."

There's a long pause before Valley sits up further. "Wait, like, for real? Are you messing with me?"

"I am not," Lagrand replies. "The practice of magic alters its user fundamentally. No one that's ever cast more than a spell or two has been able to conceive. Not even the archmages could continue their lineage."

"That's... a little lame," says Valley. "I mean, like, it's some weight off my shoulders, but... that sucks for you guys."

"Only slightly," responds Lagrand. "A powerful caster can live a very long time. I enjoy the freedom, personally--I can have moments like this with scarcely a concern."

You're still riding the high that comes with a new flavor of orgasm, but the news is still a pretty deep cut. You're not... sure how you feel about it.

You do remember what the alchemist said, though, back in Humblestart.

"Using m-magic," she said, "c-changes your... semen."

It seems she was right, as strange as it might be.


Tech 7th May 2018, 12:41 AM edit delete reply
Huh. So we can't enchant our party's attacks with poison?
Portal In Time 7th May 2018, 1:16 AM edit delete reply
Portal In Time
Damn. I'm sorry, Nast.

... Okay. We drank the potion at night. We could either deal with the thieves stealing potion materials, or (Depending on how long it'll take to get there) bone down with 100 gerblins, on the condition that they wash their dicks, first.
Cloud 7th May 2018, 2:09 AM edit delete reply
So, like, Inzo is just gonna be in the background, making and supplying gob juice and inventing things and shit? That’s pretty cool, actually. And if we think we’re gonna go up against something that takes two tanks, swap out Lagrand. Cool cool.

I’m rather curious what about tonight made us go “Hmm, I could potentially make something alive slowly, and most likely painfully, die.”

I wonder if playing with ourselves will inspire anything further.

Are, like, none of the goblins gay, btw? Just a general curiosity.

I’m not one for brevity ^^;
Cloudy 7th May 2018, 2:28 AM edit delete reply
got an account so I could finally vote, Cloud was already a taken username. Oh well, I guess I’m cloudy now. Cool cool.

Anyhow, we’ve got a good 18-22 hours left
Not sure how long it took to leave and get to where we are
Maybe double check with Inzo
He could take a break from inventing for a little while
I know he strained his mech on that door
But... There will always be wood in the Forrest for repairs, but this *gestures self* won’t be around forever.
Twyll 7th May 2018, 2:12 AM edit delete reply
An excellent scene~

Now wait 'til Nast realizes that a woman doesn't really have a refractory period like a man does, and we can be ready to go again almost as soon as we're done... :3 Wonder how much sleep we're gonna get tonight?
Mochi 7th May 2018, 5:20 AM edit delete reply
Gallstone 7th May 2018, 2:23 AM edit delete reply
As an enchanter, capable of altering living creatures, could Nast start investigating a spell that allows him to be his world's very first mage capable of reproduction?
Szled 7th May 2018, 2:28 AM edit delete reply
In the start you said that this is kinda like one of thise FinalFantasy games for the GBA? Those usually have 4 person parties, but still, I undertand your choice for only 3, undestandable, and another question, is there a dinamic in this game of yours where you can try tomcopy a spell from a scroll in to your magic book like D&D? Or the only way to get spells is trough inspiration?
Morgenstern 7th May 2018, 1:50 PM edit delete reply
While copying scrolls isn't a thing per se, there are other enchanters (and places that teach enchantment) that Nast can learn spells from.
Guest 7th May 2018, 2:59 AM edit delete reply
Inzo have a libido stat of 0?
Gallstone 7th May 2018, 5:45 AM edit delete reply
He lives for his work.
Tech 7th May 2018, 11:46 AM edit delete reply
Science is Inzo's lady friend and he won't cheat on her.
Gallstone 7th May 2018, 5:44 AM edit delete reply
Would it be possible to reconstruct one of those stone knights into a sexbot for the goblins?
1977 7th May 2018, 6:44 AM edit delete reply
Now is a good time to speak about panties. More specifically about reasons to steal them. I don't know about the magic system in this world, but what when there is a sort of voodoo or something. Having some personal item of someone can be very powerful, like a strand of their hair or in this case their panties(or maybe fluids? it was never clearly said if it were used or clean panties).
Hambone 7th May 2018, 10:26 AM edit delete reply
Side note: whats the story behind the Reinforce inspiration? Party menu says it was from the innkeeper girl from peace calling.
Cloudy 7th May 2018, 12:24 PM edit delete reply
We had it before our adventure began, so I’d assume we will just have to use our imaginations :p
Zinc 7th May 2018, 3:39 PM edit delete reply
I think Nast has a new goal in life. To be the first archmage with moral standards, friends, and genuine affection. He should seek someone out to learn to be as powerful as he can, and leave his mark on the history of archmages. Perhaps he wishes to move westward, to discover further cities perhaps with more people having potent magic, to teach him.