Comic 38 - Keep searching for the witch

28th Apr 2018, 1:56 PM in Humble Beginnings at Humblestart
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Keep searching for the witch
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Morgenstern 28th Apr 2018, 1:56 PM edit delete
You attempt to salvage some chunks from the fallen mushrooms. You obtain two spooky mushrooms.

You, Valley, and Inzo press on through the woods, continuing to search for the witch.

You make a playful but appreciative comment about Valley's underboob, prompting a muffled giggle out of her. You also ask Inzo about making some sort of gas masks.

"Hmm... hume not have bad idea for once. Could cobble something together."

As you progress through the woods, you continue to battle more fanged, mutated mushrooms. Taking advantage of what you learned in the first fight, you take minimal damage. It's a bit tiring, as using the Wind Wand does seem to drain you, but you dispatch the fungi without much difficulty.

Inzo grabs wooden scraps, vines, and other debris from around the woods as you fight through them. You spend... a great deal of time wandering through the expansive woods. Eventually, you hear Inzo flip a switch in his mech... and a series of fans start spinning up. You feel a cool breeze billowing out from his wooden robot.

"Done-done!," Inzo proclaims. The fans are subtle but surprisingly powerful--you can see the grass whipping up around Inzo's suit. "No icky air can stand up to Inzo's engineering."

Inzo has gained the ability Air Filter. Toxic fumes, thick smoke, status-inflicting spores, and other airborne hazards are immediately dispersed within a wide radius of Inzo's mech.

You thank Inzo, and approve of his skills. You also start talking to Inzo about maybe staying with your group--his talents seem wasted on his tribe, and they don't appreciate his intellect. You're going out adventuring and having fun, while the other gobs--

"Inzo not looking for funsies!," Inzo replies sharply. "Gob engineer. Gobs smartest, and Inzo smartest gob. Inzo help gobs take over world... not need to help hume and moo cow with dumb quest!"

He crosses his arms, slumping back in his seat. "...Hume do have point, though. Tribe not see potential. Chief want rule world, but not put in effort. Not rally gob troops. Not want weapons, only sex and eats and drinkses. Hume travel, Inzo could meet more gobs--build gob alliance, make gooder gob weapons. Inzo can change world... by giving to gobs."

"Mffmf mph mff," Valley says, before tugging her shirt back down over her massive tits. "That's, like... kinda evil sounding, Inzo."

Inzo smirks, straightening back up in his seat. "No good, no evil. Only gobs and not-gobs. Gobs best. Inzo seeing world help Inzo help gobs... so Inzo accept hume offer. Inzo join scarfy hume and moo-moo cow."

Inzo, Goblin Engineer has joined your party.

You progress deeper and deeper into the woods, tearing through more mushrooms. With Inzo's modifications, the battles are substantially easier--even when you're not all that close, his mech automatically blows away all the sleeping fumes, and dissipates the spores the monsters release on death.

By the end of fighting all those mushrooms, you have a pretty big pile of spooky mushrooms, weird mushrooms, and unappetizing mushrooms.

Eventually, you find... a man in a cape, standing on a stump. He hears you approach, daring a glance across his shoulder... but he doesn't turn around just yet.

"What fools dare to enter the witch's woods?," he asks.

Valley waves. "We're here to like, find the witch? ...And these are the witch's woods? So, like... y'know. Kinda obvious."

"Heh." The man leans back, standing dramatically. A breeze begins to whip his cape up. "You seek the witch? Then truly, you ARE fools. Have you not heard the stories? How he is as unpredictable as he is dangerous? How he consumes children for sustenance, and hunts the mightiest warriors for sport? How he kills with a gesture of his hands?"

Inzo shakes his head. "Inzo thought witch was a woman."

"Totally. Like," Valley adds, "I haven't heard any of those things? Like, zero. I just thought the witch like... made monsters."

"...Hmph." The man in the cape turns around, looking a bit annoyed. "Clearly, the people I've been paying to circulate those rumors are ripping me off. Very well then!"

He throws his arms wide, his cape billowing far more dramatically than before. "If thou seekest the witch of the woods... your journey is at an end, for I am he. I am Lagrand, and I am that infamous--"

Inzo shakes his head.

Lagrand frowns. "I am that NOTORIOUS--"

Valley holds up a hand, giving one of those half-and-half sort of wavy motions.

Lagrand sighs. "Fine. Fine. I am Lagrand, and I am that... witch of ill repute."


Tech 28th Apr 2018, 2:50 PM edit delete reply
I kinda figured the witch would turn out to be a dude...

Anyways, let's ask him why he's brought the mushrooms to life.
1977 28th Apr 2018, 3:11 PM edit delete reply
Should really have been obvious, King is female, Witch is male, at least mushrooms should be sexless if I'm not mistaken.

Ask why he wants to be infamous and notorious and a whole bunch of other bad things. Sooner or later that will lead to bountyhunters or the guards coming after him. Any plans to deal with a whole army?
1977 28th Apr 2018, 3:17 PM edit delete reply
Just thought if we really ask that than he might ask if we are bountyhunters or the guard, I'm not sure how we should answer that.
Cloud 28th Apr 2018, 3:17 PM edit delete reply
This witch paid people to spread rumours of his vile deeds, because he wasn’t really doing vile deeds that generated rumours on his own. The mushrooms are more of a moderate inconvenience than a act of pure evil. Maybe he just wants to be feared but is all and all no more than a mycologist with a little bit of magic. Maybe ask him why he wants to be feared. Or why he’s more willing to pay people to make him look fearsome, rather than actually doing things that make him look fearsome. He oils end up being a nice guy who’s just tired of being misunderstood by the world. Or something.
Cloud 28th Apr 2018, 3:19 PM edit delete reply
He could* end up being a nice guy
Mochi 28th Apr 2018, 3:42 PM edit delete reply
ask him how long he's been standing there waiting for someone to wander by.
Benjerbro 28th Apr 2018, 3:51 PM edit delete reply
Well, our original purpose was to try and get a lot of general info out of the witch. Let's appeal to his need to be revered and find out about the Panty Thief
TerraNova 28th Apr 2018, 4:08 PM edit delete reply
Definitely call him out on how long he has been standing there posing and waiting. Also, ask him if he knows a slut willing to bang an entire camp of gobs
Wolfe 28th Apr 2018, 4:55 PM edit delete reply
+1 I would also ask him why he needs to pay people to spread stories about him.. If he's all that terrible he wouldn't need to pay people to make stuff up about him.
TerraNova 28th Apr 2018, 5:31 PM edit delete reply
Tech 28th Apr 2018, 6:07 PM edit delete reply
Probably not but we can ask him if he knows anything.