Comic 31 - Wake up and go look for goblins

26th Apr 2018, 1:17 PM in Humble Beginnings at Humblestart
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Wake up and go look for goblins
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Morgenstern 26th Apr 2018, 1:17 PM edit delete
Snuggling with Valley, you assure her that she's definitely pulling her weight, and that you greatly appreciate it. She smiles, lifting her head a bit to give you another small kiss.

The next morning, after packing up your tent (and re-equipping your gear), you and Valley head southwest. You were told by Inzo, the goblin engineer, that his goblin tribe lives there... and you still need to negotiate with the chief regarding the slimes living in their old cave.

You randomly encounter both slimes and goblins on the way to the village, but neither attack you--they just go on about their business.

You arrive in the Goblin Village.


Guest 26th Apr 2018, 1:45 PM edit delete reply
Is there more than one page for spells? I mean, we are getting them relatively quickly and this comic could last a long time.
Tech 26th Apr 2018, 1:45 PM edit delete reply
>"Hello, we have an appointment with your Chieftain. We're here about the cave to the east."
Benjerbro 26th Apr 2018, 2:03 PM edit delete reply
Inform them of your appointment with the chieftain and survey the camp for the presence of anything that could merit being concerned.
1977 26th Apr 2018, 2:06 PM edit delete reply
Get their attention and say that you're the diplomats for the Slimes.
Probably a good time for the language potion, but if the Chief can speak common as well it might not be necessary.
In case it goes bad have a good look around for possible escape routes.
Yolvan 26th Apr 2018, 2:22 PM edit delete reply
Tell them that you are there to talk to their chieftain regarding the caves. Don't act as the diplomat of the slimes completely, instead try to make yourself look like the perfect arbitrator for a solution beneficial to both.
Wolfe 26th Apr 2018, 3:14 PM edit delete reply
TerraNova 26th Apr 2018, 4:27 PM edit delete reply
+1, and prepare for a shitstorm. Diplomacy rarely happens without one or two sprouting up, and we aren't really packing enough power to put such thing down yet.