Comic 27 - Return to the potion shop

24th Apr 2018, 9:17 PM in Humble Beginnings at Humblestart
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Return to the potion shop
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Morgenstern 24th Apr 2018, 9:17 PM edit delete
After some deliberation about where best to start fucking--

"Like, on the ground? In a cave? I'm down for whatever, but that sounds toootally uncomfortable."

--you decide to get your items identified first, perhaps see about the disguise potions, and THEN either camp out or rent an inn room or... pretty much anywhere but the cave seems agreeable.

You and Valley return to Humblestart. Normally, item identification would be done by a magic practitioner... and you, personally, don't know how to do it yet. You're also not real sure what the spellcaster population in this town looks like, or who you would turn to.

At the very least, someone running the counter at a potion shop should be able to identify potions. You need to head there to ask about disguises, anyway, so maybe you'll get lucky and they can recognize the wand as well.

You head to the potion shop.

It is night time and, as the daytime clerk predicted, his sister is running the store now. As you walk in, she seems to avoid eye contact... or even acknowledging you, really, she just continues to go about straightening the store like you're invisible.


as you draw nearer, she stops. You breathes in deep.

She turns to you, inhaling sharply. Sniffing. Her eyes dart about, mostly wandering from you to Valley and back, and then... rather nonchalantly roaming over your body. She inches closer and closer, very clearly sniffing at you.

"Mage," she mumbles.

She keeps going, getting closer and closer, until she is well within the realm of your personal space. Without saying a word, she boldly lifts the eye shield on your helmet. She inhales through her nose and exhales through her mouth, near enough that you can feel her breath on your face.

"...Enchanter," she concludes. The faintest hint of a smile creeps across her lips if only for a moment, and she shuts your helmet before leaning back.

Valley looks like she just witnessed a murder. "Ummm, okay?"

The alchemist returns to averting her gaze, staring at the floor as she addresses you. "What is it?"

You present your ???? Wand and ???? Potion.

"30g," she says. You pay her, bringing your money back to 135g.

The alchemist takes the potion first, uncorking it. She shoves her finger into it, getting a drop of it on her fingertip before bringing it to her face. She smells it... then tastes it.

"Sneaking," the alchemist states. "Makes you... sneaky."

You have acquired a Sneaking Potion.

She takes the mysterious wand next. She runs her hand up and down it, mostly focusing on the end. She brings it toward her face, pressing it against her cheek for a couple of seconds. Finally, she brings it to her mouth... and as though it were a perfectly normal thing to do, the alchemist runs her tongue across the bulbous end of it.

"Wind," she finally says, handing it back to you. "It makes... wind."

You have acquired a Wind Wand.

"Was that, like, totally necessary?," Valley asks.

"Alchemists... don't..." The alchemist stops, collecting her thoughts. She takes a deep breath. "We'renotmages. We don't... use magic. I don't have magic. We just study it. I know what magic looks like, feels like, tastes like. I can't just... castaspell and know what something does."


Procrastinator 24th Apr 2018, 9:55 PM edit delete reply
Well, we came here for a disguise potion, so it makes sense to inquire about that. If alchemists study magic, perhaps she has some magic books or other knowledge that she could share with us or that we could buy. At the very least, maybe we could get some inspiration to find new spells.

In short: figure out what she is selling. Buy disguise potion and/or other things to help expand our magic abilities.
Still Procrastinating 24th Apr 2018, 10:01 PM edit delete reply
It might be good to use our Je ne sais quoi to have the alchemist not ask questions about who we are (likely via cultivating a "man of mystery" persona).

Heck, maybe with her arcane knowledge she could identify that certain je ne sais quoi we have. It would be interesting to see what abilities a "je sais quoi" spell might have
Guest 24th Apr 2018, 10:02 PM edit delete reply
A healing sort of magic ability or potions would be really useful as well. Especially since we're considering walking into a Goblin Camp by ourselves. Who knows just how badly it might go wrong.
Guest 24th Apr 2018, 10:50 PM edit delete reply
Tech 24th Apr 2018, 10:12 PM edit delete reply
Head to the inn and rent a room.

Then sex with Valley.
Twyll 24th Apr 2018, 10:34 PM edit delete reply
How do wands work in this world? Do they have limited charges? Do those charges regenerate over time, or are they permanently expended when used?

I dunno if it would necessarily be safe to rent a room here, especially dressed as guards-- like, wouldn't it look extra suspicious that guards would need an inn in their own town? Maybe we should get camping gear and go camp somewhere outside of town. Then we can use our *other* wand on Valley ;D
Jex 25th Apr 2018, 12:01 AM edit delete reply
I agree, being dressed up as guards and going to the inn would seem suspicious. It might be best to play it safe.

However, considering how the room will be used for sex that’d remove some suspicion as it’d make sense for a male and female guard to not fuck in the barracks and instead head to the inn. So it’s not terribly risky.

Of course consultation with Valley might clear this up a bit.