Comic 180 - Talk to Ranse and Emmy

14th Jul 2018, 11:18 PM in High Roads, Low Roads, Threeroads
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Talk to Ranse and Emmy
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Author Notes:

Morgenstern 14th Jul 2018, 11:18 PM edit delete
You spend some time talking with Emerald, answering her questions about sex, her books, and explaining how normal intercourse is... er, different. Usually.

"I'mnotgoodat--" Ranse begins to blurt out, with some pause... and then finds further hesitance. She sighs, staring somewhere aside. "I don't... do. The intimacy. Thing. Verywell. Okay? My first... f-first, boyfriend, he-- he was a mage. A conjurer. A terrible one, but. I was... young, and so was he, and..."

Ranse sits back on the bed, gritting her teeth. It seems hard for her to open up, but before you can tell her she doesn't HAVE to, she pushes through it.

"Wenever... fucked? Really? Not... o-often. He just... REALLY liked. G-getting his... dick sucked. Like. All the time. ...P-prettymucheveryday. And... it was my first boyfriend, and... I didn't, want to lose him, and I didn'tknowbetter, so. I rolled with it. And... you'd think, you know, day after day sucking this guy's dick I... I-I'd get tired of itbutIdidn't. I... got used to it. Developed... atasteforit. I... a-alchemists, when you'reanalchemist you... you develop really discerning tastes. And smell. And touch. And... everything."

Ranse falls back on the bed, nervously playing with her hands as she stares at the ceiling. "I broke up with him, eventually. ...B-because... he was terrible, as a boyfriend. And a mage. And... a person. But. Th... that taste. I. It wasn't... like anything else. Not... just the taste. The... th-the feeling. It just..."

A smile begins to creep across Ranse's face, incredibly wide, an almost devilish grin. "It just... feels. So nasty. Like I... shouldn't be. Swallowing it. I dated... o-other guys. Tried to. Regular cum, just... it'snotthesame. And... the guys never really, workedouteither. So."

Ranse's gaze roams, but never really finds you or the King Slime. "That'sit. That's... I'mweird. I haven't... really. Spentmuchtime. Doing... p-peoplethings. I just... suck a lot of dick. And. Turn myself... into a guy sometimes. Because it's... k-kinda fun to jerk myself off. That's... that's me."

Ranse dares a glance at Emerald, just for an instant. "Don'tfollowmyexample. I don't... have sex. Like regular people."

You point out that--if it makes her feel any better--you're not exactly normal about sex stuff, either. You went from sort of creepily building your entire future around one girl you'd barely spoken to, to pretty much banging everything in sight--men and women both, as a man and woman both. You've not totally ruled out fucking monsters if you can hash out consent, and if you suspect there could be spells to gain from it.

Ranse almost manages another smile. "Mages are... all. Sexual deviants. FromwhatIunderstand. Even the ones that... aren't 'inspired' by their s-sexual conquests. Especially... illusionists. And. People that... transmute. I've... h-heard some, pretty crazy stories."

"One of the stories you brought me actually involves that!," Emerald declares. "The book features a transmuter that would turn himself into--"

"Yeahthat'soneofmine," Ranse blurts out in a hurry. "I... yeah. I've... readthatone." A smirk teases at her lips. "I... would absolutely get down with, a transmuter. There's... a town just, full of m-magic academies. North-ish. Mageholm, I th-think. That... I always wantedtogothere. And... meet. Guys." Her smirk returns, a little wider. "Abunchofguys. ...At. The same time. Probably." Ranse sighs, and shakes her head a little. "It's... fun. To think about. And write about. I'd... probablybetoonervous. To do anything. I'm... s-surprised I've done, this much. You..."

Ranse sits back up, making firm eye contact with you. "It's... that. Damn. Aura. Enchanters. You... it'slikemagiccharisma. If... y-youhadn't, become an enchanter. You'd have made a good bartender. I feel... more comfortable around you. Thanmostguys."

If Ranse is really hung up on the whole intimacy thing--and wants to try something a little more... conventional, as far as human interaction goes, you offer to cuddle with her?

"Wh... whatever," she forces out, actually appearing to blush a little. "I... y-youcouldtryit. I guess."

"I am learning a great deal about human intercourse today!," Emerald exclaims. "It is very exciting."

You and Ranse stick to one bed, and you hold her in your arms as you both eventually fall asleep. Emerald stays up a little later, reading in the opposite bed until she drifts off.



"That... IS a kuo-toa," Lagrand states, sounding somewhat surprised.

"The journal did say he'd be here," Justice replies.

"This dock is TOTALLY different at night," Valley remarks. "Like, I thought it'd be scarier? Monsters, like... the really messed up ones usually show up at night...? But, like, OUR bad time was during the day--"

"I don't know what you know of kuo-toa," Lagrand practically hisses under his breath, "but often they are exactly the sort of creature you'd fear meeting under the cover of dark. They are... a very unusual people with some very unsettling tendencies."

"This one's just fishing, though," Justice points out... before waving, and saying something in kuo-toa.

Lagrand visibly tenses, eyes widening.

The kuo-toa turns... and waves back, replying in his native language.

"He says that we do not look like we are here to fish," Justice translates. She replies to the kuo-toa, explaining that they're friends of Nast. He--

"Wait," Justice stops, looking a bit perplexed. "Would Nast have been a woman then...? Our adventures have gotten very confusing!"

She proceeds with the explanation, that Nast is an enchanter and a fisher with purple hair. The kuo-toa's face lights up, and he nods, saying something else.

"The kuo-toa says that he does remember Nast!"

"Excellent," Lagrand remarks. "Perhaps he won't decide to eat us, then."

"Okay, like?," Valley throws a squint at Lagrand, "this is all like... totally kuo-toa racist, and totally bogus Lagrand."

"I have witnessed things," is all he can reply with. "I assure you, you would be just as apprehensive in my position."

"Pshyeah, whatevs," Valley retorts. "Just, like, dial back the fish hate?"

Lagrand tosses his hair, looking away from her. "Referring to a kuo-toa as a fish would likely be construed as racist, as well, I'll have you know."

"Oh." Valley scratches her head. "Whoops."

"According to the journal, he does not speak OUR language very well..." Justice states, before adding with a tiny sigh, "fortunately."


Guest 15th Jul 2018, 12:38 AM edit delete reply
Justice can talk to the Kua-toa about fishing hints for Nast, where he comes from, and what is people are like.

Lagrand suggests they're. . . not friendly, but this guy is. Maybe if we talk to him we can figure out more about their culture, where they are, and whether we should avoid it.
Jex 15th Jul 2018, 1:04 AM edit delete reply
Jex 15th Jul 2018, 1:04 AM edit delete reply
Jex 15th Jul 2018, 1:05 AM edit delete reply
Idk why it posted twice
Gandalf 15th Jul 2018, 2:06 PM edit delete reply
You know there's a delete function, right? :)
1977 15th Jul 2018, 2:45 PM edit delete reply
@Gandalf: I see no such function, then again I don't have a ComicFury-Account, I'm just a simple 'Guest'.
Gandalf 15th Jul 2018, 4:20 PM edit delete reply
Ah, OK; I thought everyone with a consistent username was logging in. 'Guest' posts can't be edited or deleted, I think you're right.
Guest 15th Jul 2018, 1:08 AM edit delete reply
Maybe we can get more trollfish for our baby bird?
MakePeaceAndLove 15th Jul 2018, 2:59 AM edit delete reply
+1, we can just talk about anything for now, really. It's up to the Kuo-Toa what we'll be talking about. And since the fishing rod is in our inventory, the others can try fishing, too. Take turns, even? While we have the time and we're right on the dock, let's get more fish.

To me that reaction from the Kuo-Toa basically reads like he's a hermit that doesn't particularly like the other Kuo-Toa. Or maybe, he's scared of them for some reason? We can try to ask, but not press the subject if he doesn't want to talk about it.
ZincFingers 15th Jul 2018, 5:20 AM edit delete reply
It may be that he’s perfectly accepted in his own society, but is just a touch more adventurous than others.
He could well be his equivalent of the town eccentric, folks like him fine and accept that he has his quirks
1977 15th Jul 2018, 6:40 AM edit delete reply
Lagrands experiences are not necessarily typical.
He has seen Kuo-Toa who act like in the rumours about them.
Agressive and not very friendly.
I guess same can be said about Humans?
There a Humans who are dangerous and should be avoided too.
Saying that a specific charactertrait must apply to all members of a species is racist.
ZincFingers 15th Jul 2018, 1:26 AM edit delete reply
I’m on board with asking about fishing tips. And if any of our current party are for a spot of fishing at the moment, by all means have at it.

We should also make our enquirers about the submerged cave, since we can now converse with our aquatic friend.

Edit: if we do fish for a bit, offer to share some of our more exotic bait.
Ghest 15th Jul 2018, 2:03 AM edit delete reply
Looking at our current inventory, I don't think we have anything left other than the basic stuff that qualifies as fish bait.
ZincFingers 15th Jul 2018, 2:45 AM edit delete reply
I was thinking along the lines of reinforced vines, poisoned meat, recovereat... maybe some bones from one of the piles.

Not the rarest, I admit, but still not exactly run-of-the-mill.
MakePeaceAndLove 15th Jul 2018, 3:01 AM edit delete reply
+1 to everything ZincFingers said there. And if any of it won't be worth much as bait, the Kuo-Toa can probably point it out for us right now.
G. Sansa 15th Jul 2018, 5:32 AM edit delete reply
I still think using the ring as bait might work. After all, we found it inside a fish, so at least one fish thought it looked like food. We should ask the KT if he thinks that would work.

Get his name and, if he seems to want to share, backstory. Tell him we're looking for fish with healing/purifying properties. Show him the HWE/psalm trick. +1 to what others are saying about asking about the cave.

Have Justice fish and talk, while Lagrand does brambling hand into the water. That should act like mangrove roots and attract more/different fish/crabs; which maybe he could catch directly. Meanwhile, Valley can experiment with the zwei+ and see how quickly she can switch weapons. Maybe see if her special attacks get a boost when in stone form?
ZincFingers 15th Jul 2018, 5:50 AM edit delete reply
Good call having those that don’t fish do some practice, just make sure it is away from the water, so as to not scare away the fish.
1977 15th Jul 2018, 6:33 AM edit delete reply
We didn't find inside a fish, the Unimpressive Trout was wearing the Ring Of Awakening.
The fish was so small that he was stuck inside the ring.

+1 to Lagrand using his Brambling Hand to catch fish directly, it is an interesting idea worth trying.

Talking with our friend here is a good idea too.
He sure knows about the cave, maybe he comes from there.
Caydenite 15th Jul 2018, 8:19 AM edit delete reply
+1 to asking about him, fishing tips and the cave.
We should also thank him for the Rod he gave us, before we whip it out and use it. And yeah, I'm for trying whatever stuff we've got knocking about that isn't expensive.
After this, we should get together, do a little party shuffling; I kinda wanna see what Inzo's been making.
Guest 15th Jul 2018, 5:25 PM edit delete reply
+1 to justice and lagrand fishing. If we really need some bait, cut the fletching off a couple of arrows and put them on the end of the line and move them up and down in the water to act as fake fish - it works for mackerel irl, so maybe we could get some unimpressive trout. Do this after using the cooked meat, but before the recovereats - you can never have too many healing items.
JiggilyJoe 15th Jul 2018, 2:35 AM edit delete reply
Someone needs to break out a fishing rod, ask if we can join him.
Ask about the cave. We heard there are caves below 3roads, does this one connect to them?
Has he heard of the underwear bandit?
Does he know anything about the Sahajin?
Is there anything we could do for him?
Lastly is there a good place near here to pitch a tent?
MakePeaceAndLove 15th Jul 2018, 3:02 AM edit delete reply
Lots of good questions JiggilyJoe. +1 from me.
Gandalf 15th Jul 2018, 2:10 PM edit delete reply
+1 to hanging out with the kuo-toa, doing some fishing, and seeing what knowledge and advice he feels like sharing.
JiggilyJoe 15th Jul 2018, 2:39 AM edit delete reply
As for Ranse, loved all the insight on her. Cuddling with her was probably one of the best things we could do for her.
I know that her clothes seem pretty stained and worn, would she like a new set of clothes? Maybe she wants to try on the bunny suit?
ZincFingers 15th Jul 2018, 2:48 AM edit delete reply
Hmm, getting Ranse a new outfit is an interesting proposition. Even if she is attached to her current clothes, maybe we can find her an outfit designed for the journeying alchemist.
More protection, a belt for bottles and vials, an ingredient pouch...
MakePeaceAndLove 15th Jul 2018, 3:09 AM edit delete reply
Yeah I loved the insight into Ranse's past there. I wasn't expecting so much information or such a deep reason for her backstory, but this is really cool. I'm so happy that she's giving cuddling a try.

Everyone was a beginner at some point. We can ask about getting her new clothes, anything she'd like really. And we can definitely go visit Mageholm later on.

Oh, as for her gangbang dream, we can see about that, too - we can start from making more mage friends, then we can gather a party gangbang instead of total strangers... OR if we make more disguise potions, then some of our ladies can change sex for Ranse, making an even bigger familiar crowd!
Green Visitor 15th Jul 2018, 4:03 AM edit delete reply
The backstory was great. Writing sex this way makes it relatable and believable.

Mageholm is not exactly priority now , but I think being Ranses wingman could become part of our mission. And she will need some protection eventually

(actually, if all mages do everything that moves, and she wants do to all of them she would need some STD protection, what about a std leather armor or smth.)
ZincFingers 15th Jul 2018, 5:16 AM edit delete reply
Mageholm should probably be avoided until we have a near ironclad disguise, a city full of mages would have the population most likely to see through any magic means of identity concealment.
Caydenite 15th Jul 2018, 8:15 AM edit delete reply
I enjoyed Ranse's backstory, bravo.
+1 to getting her some new clothes, for better protection and assess to gear. Aesthetically, something a little Goth would be cool and seems like it might suit her tastes, but obviously that shit is up to her.
Rent 15th Jul 2018, 10:13 AM edit delete reply
+1 new clothes and future wingman support seems best way to help her out. Also, some writing tools? It seems like her erotica is a helpful way for her to cool off.
GuyIncognito 15th Jul 2018, 3:00 PM edit delete reply
+1 on new clothes for Ranse as well.
GS 15th Jul 2018, 7:16 AM edit delete reply
So... all mages are sterile and prone to sexual excess?
Are we SURE Alustra was defeated? If archmages could do anything, could she have warped magic so all casters became lusty and only she could remain an archmage?
Just a thought...
Devus 15th Jul 2018, 8:56 AM edit delete reply
What's the causality here? Is magic powered by perversion? Is perversion a side effect of casting magic?

And what's up with mage sterility? It seems like a nerf in general- no mage dynasties, no consequences for losing themselves in constant sex. Is it instantaneously induced on class change? Could Nast have had a kid before casting his first spell? Or is it destiny- Nast apparently got his first spell when he lost his virginity (maybe), so we can't tell.

If we ever go to Mageholm, ask someone who doesn't get Inspired by sex how they got their first spell.
MakePeaceAndLove 15th Jul 2018, 11:30 AM edit delete reply
If you're thinking of Reinforce, then remember that Nast must've had JNSQ before that. Then again, maybe Nast had it since birth and it's what people could sense, but didn't know about it? It is a passive ability/spell, after all, we never specifically cast it.

I am curious how sex deviations and magic powers connect. From the way Ranse explained it, particularly with illusionists and transmuters, I'd assume that it's a side effect, or rather, a natural benefit that humans (or any creatures, really) derive from their special powers, they will find ways to use it for their own gain, amusement, and especially for sex.

......... I have a bunch of ideas for what the illusionists might do... and hypnotizing someone into sex so they think that you're somebody else, perhaps someone they know, is merely the tip of the iceberg. A powerful illusionist could rule a country, if not more, all without anybody knowing who's in charge. >.>

I can't wait for Nast and friends to meet an illusionist for comparison.
GS 15th Jul 2018, 12:22 PM edit delete reply
Alternatively, an illusionist could just conjure illusionary concubines for their own pleasure; figments so realistic that they might as well be a real person as far as their nerve endings are concerned.
MakePeaceAndLove 15th Jul 2018, 12:29 PM edit delete reply
Sounds like quite the pacifist illusionist to me.

Or, you know - the illusionist can run a brothel promising 'anyone you want', and all the ladies in there are illusions, drawing from the clients' imagination.

And that, is a businessman illusionist. XD
MakePeaceAndLove 15th Jul 2018, 12:30 PM edit delete reply
Ah, this should've been a reply to GS above. Oh well, you can still see it and that's what counts.
G. Sansa 15th Jul 2018, 9:03 PM edit delete reply
My theory has always been that JNSQ was self-inspired soon after Nast reached puberty.
1977 15th Jul 2018, 2:47 PM edit delete reply
So, an Illusionist is the PantyThief?
Korsha 15th Jul 2018, 2:24 PM edit delete reply
How do Emmy see?
I mean, she's a homoform organism. I didn't give it much thought before, thinking slimes have some sort of sensory ability. But Emmy can read. Her eyes are no different than the rest of her, are they?
1977 15th Jul 2018, 2:38 PM edit delete reply
Magic, it explains everything!
Guest 15th Jul 2018, 8:46 PM edit delete reply
she could have rods and cones throughout her body, enabling her 360 vision, which would be cool but probably also would manifest other differences in vision. Or yeah, a wizard did it.
Caydenite 15th Jul 2018, 8:49 PM edit delete reply
^^^ me, sorry
BjornTFH 15th Jul 2018, 8:45 PM edit delete reply
Anyone else notice that we don't seem to have any of Grandpa's pornography left in our inventory? Did we end up giving it ALL to Emerald?
Caydenite 15th Jul 2018, 8:48 PM edit delete reply
And if we did, as a party member shouldn't it still be in our mutual inventory?
Evonix 25th Jul 2018, 8:29 AM edit delete reply
When I first found this I parsed it as Nast the human-enchanter, IE someone who enchants humans, perhaps the main charicter is the one who should be considering making a disguise ring?