Bestiary - Undead


Skeleton: The most bare bones of undead foes, or at least the most frequent. Lacking flesh and blood, skeletons aren't especially hurt by most slashing or piercing weaponry--however, blunt weapons really rattle them. They lack the brain power (or actual brains) to do anything complex, but they do retain basic fighting ability, and can perform simple commands if one has the magical pull. Their low intelligence also means they can't be frightened, bribed, or talked down--no one will accuse a skeleton of being spineless.

Wight: Some die believing strongly that they have a task left unfinished. If the individual is stubborn enough, this can be sufficient leverage to hold onto the mortal world, and refuse to pass on; these individuals become wights. Wights have a physical body, but not their original body--rather, they tend to appear as they were at their strongest, in the prime of their life. A wight is every bit as capable as they were at the peak of their original existence, and will pass on once defeated or their goal is accomplished.