Bestiary - Plants


Aquamold: Mysterious fungi from the stranger parts of the ocean, they can thrive both in or near water. Aside from attacking with wave beams of weird magic and toxic spores, a target seen by all of the Aquamold's eyes is hit with its Frog Gaze attack--and is, as implied, transformed into a frog.

Killer Mushroom: Mutated mushrooms from the Witch's Woods, infected by magical rage. They mostly attack with bites, but upon being hit with an attack, they release pink gas into the air. If breathed, this vapor will put foes in melee range to sleep. Upon death, the mushroom deflates, releasing darker spores that inflict poison.

Mantrap: Giant, mobile, man-eating plants. Not as uncommon as society might prefer. They mostly attack with their elastic, prehensile vines, beating foes into submission before eating them. A mantrap can also surprise a victim by shoving its vines into the ground, and having them pop up elsewhere. Mantraps are highly aggressive and startlingly clever, but are kept in check by other monsters (like pyre ants, who have a natural advantage over them). Mantraps are also farmed by tougher adventurers for their irregular foliage and acid enzymes.