Bestiary - Oddities


Cardvärde: It's me, baby! The one and only challenge elemental! Whattaya mean, there's no such thing? And I'm not s'posed to do these lore entries in first person? Baby, please, you're harshin' my style! Look for me in the big wide world--if you can win Cardvärde's Challenge, I'll give ya somethin' cool! Somethin' special! Somethin' rare! That's all I can tell ya, baby, the rest is a secret!

Slime: According to scholars, slimes are the absolute primordial quintessence of monsterdom. A monster unshaped, unformed, and unaltered is a green slime, and all other monsters derive from it. They are the primeval drippings of the natural stew from which other beasts arose. Slimes are incredibly simple creatures, eating anything they can reach by absorbing it. When a slime accumulates enough mass, it either splits into two slimes, or keeps its weight and ascends to the status of King Slime. No slime has ever been witnessed starving to death--they can live in abandoned dungeons for centuries. Yet, hunger is all they know, and they're not picky... nor are they competent, or capable.