Bestiary - Goblinoids


Goblin: The most basic of goblinoids, goblins are short and loud with high hormones and low attention spans. They've demonstrated incredible ingenuity on occasion, but their tendency to think about only sex or conquest holds them back from more inventive endeavors. The most common flavor of orange goblin lives mostly in grassy plains and wooded areas.

Goblin, Green: Though they appear simply as a goblin of a different color, green goblins have adapted biologically to harsher conditions. Living mostly in swamplands and toxic marshes, green goblins are naturally immune to numerous status effects themselves. Their technology has also followed suit--rather than building normal explosives, green goblins tend to tinker with acids and gases. Inhabiting hostile territory with fierce monsters, green goblins lack the robust populations of classic goblins, and instead stick to smaller groups.

Orc: Though substantially larger than goblins--and bigger than humans, at that--orcs are nonetheless distant cousins to the goblin species. Orcs are big, brutish, and simple minded, though not as violent as reputed. Lacking the natural creativity of goblins, though, most orcs end up as brigands or warriors nonetheless. Orc civilizations are incredibly rare--orcs aren't really known for building anything at all, let alone towns. The history of the species has mostly been lost due to poor upkeep, though many orcs have (differing) stories of their origins.