Bestiary - Fey


Entities from the fey realm, fairies are playful, lighthearted, and curious. ...Most of the time. They're also creatures with potent magic power, and if upset, the ambient energy of their emotions can affect the environment on its own. A single fairy is rarely an issue, but fairies in large groups can be incredibly difficult to deal with. Don't mess with fairies.

Mega Fairy: The true power of fairies when they put their minds together, a mega fairy is a fairy made of fairies. By collaborating on the use of their arcane energy, a mega fairy can cast spells at a level far above and beyond what any single fairy could hope for. Fortunately, fairies can rarely stay on the same page for long, and thus mega fairies rarely last.

Stone Knight: Though it appears to be a construct at first glance, this stone knight is actually animated entirely by fey. Fairies ride around inside it, moving its individual parts to make it defend the fairies' home. If the fairies abandon it, it returns to being a normal statue.