Bestiary - Bugs


Colossapillar: In some regions, the common blue caterpillar has a symbiotic relationship with local fungi. The mushrooms grow off the back of the caterpillar, taking some of its nutrients but bestowing it size-increasing properties. This leaves the caterpillar hungrier than most, but also lets the caterpillar grow dramatically with age, eventually getting too large for normal birds to prey upon. Left unchecked, some caterpillars manage to reach titanic sizes this way.

Giant Spider: A spider mutated by magic. Mostly confined to the Witch's Woods, these large arachnids have a bite that inflicts Poison status. In addition, they can weave massive webs, and spit balls of web at incredibly high speeds. Very dangerous foes for low level adventurers.

Pyre Ant: Common bugs in the field, they nonetheless perplex scholars with their eight legs and fire-breathing. Pyre Ants live in large underground colonies, seeking out food to drag back to their queen. They sometimes steal treasure chests and other trinkets, as well, for reasons unknown. Their parts can be harvested for alchemical purposes, including the construction of unique alchemist weapons.

Pyre Ant Soldier: Defenders of pyre ant colonies, these elite warriors rarely leave their ant hill. Unlike the common version, pyre ant soldiers are competent combatants with flight and more than a few additional tricks up their sleeve. Their spears and shields are forged from crude iron and chitin recycled from dead members of the colony, and are fairly notable equipment in their own right--though few adventurers dare to try and acquire them.