Bestiary - Birds


Riding Bird:
Really no more exciting than a giant chicken, riding birds are nonetheless a staple of the modern economy. Despite appearances (and comically short legs), they run incredibly fast. Some breed their riding birds for combat, for travel across water and mountain, and even for racing. Riding birds have no gender, and do not mate; they simply pop out eggs regularly, which if not eaten (or otherwise taken care of) will typically result in a new riding bird. Riding birds are also expert foragers, prefering berries and bugs in particular. The technical name of the species is Cockadoo, but no one calls them that because it's silly.

Skelecan: Though it may not look like much, skelecans are terrifying birds of prey. They'll eat anything that fits into their mouth, which is a lot more than one might expect. They let the hapless victim sit in their throat pouch, where natural acids will eat away until the food is small enough to be swallowed whole. Their acids don't work as well on bone or other harder materials; thus, skelecans tend to regurgitate larger bones and wear them as decorations. They've also been known to vomit up bursts of smaller, sharper bone as projectile shrapnel. Sailors tell horror stories of skelecans that have grown old and large, adorned in decades worth of human remains.