Bestiary - Aquatics


Armorcrab: Big, armored crustaceans, frequently seen on beaches and other coastal areas. As their name suggests, armorcrabs are heavily armored, and their plating is sometimes used in the crafting of weapons and armor. Their meat is also pretty tasty. Aside from snapping with their powerful claws, armorcrabs can attack with sprays of exploding bubbles.

Kuo-Toa: An ancient and eccentric species, perhaps even older than the high elves. Kuo-toa are both aquatic and subterranean, mostly building their towns near underground lakes. They abhor sunlight, and mostly live off of smaller fish, squid, frogs and the like. Kuo-toa worship old and forgotten gods, and are rumored to sacrifice kidnapped innocents to those obscure deities. What scholars know for certain about kuo-toa is little; the species barely interacts with anyone but neighboring dark elves.

Sahagin: Classified by scholars as both aquatic AND humanoid, sahagins are an amphibious species mostly living in underwater or island tribes. Isolationist and territorial, sahagin societies never grow very large--the majority of sahagins aspire to living in perfect independence, relying on no one and nothing but their own survival skills. With that in mind, they interact with other species very rarely, and never form long term alliances. Even sahagin courtship tends to be brief, pragmatic, and bizarre to outsiders.

Tingly Toad: The tingling is how you know it's working. Tingly toads are amphibians whose hides secrete a potent paralytic. They usually attack by bouncing straight at a target, catching them off guard and rubbing their paralyzing toxin on the foe's skin. Tingly toads also have insane jumping power, and can spit a mild acid in an emergency. Tingly toads can be harvested for their acid enzymes, or for a chemical called paralyzer.